Who and Why Vega-concept ? 

In the textile and clothing industry for 3 generations and after having evolved for more than 25 years in product development and manufacturing, Vega-concept was born from an awareness .

An awareness that the environmental landscape has changed considerably and that our actions have an increasingly visible impact. A reality that gradually appeared to me during my many professional trips where I could realize the deep modifications of familiar places.
The textile industry and over-consumption have partly contributed to this pollution.

Vega-concept is also a project shared with my children. The reality of what we are going to leave them. If we cannot change the past, we have the duty to act for the present and especially the future of our children.
We must act together, there are no small actions. We must all carry the message and act quickly because there is urgency.

Think Green, Act Green.

Fabrice Durand.
Vega-concept Founder, positive activist and dreamer.